About Us

Our Legacy


Over thirty years of history, Shoma has had a strong track record and over 5 Billion dollars in real estate transactions developing residential, commercial, and mixed use projects and communities.

Every location has it’s nuances depending on the economy of their own countries of origin for instance.” says CEO and chairman of the board Masoud Shojaee. “The key is understanding the different market sectors and building the product that best aligns with their individual wants and needs, always giving them something fun and exciting to experience.”

Technology has changed

the way we build

Keeping up with the latest advances, Shoma delivers a high level of finishes, appliances, and innovative details so owners can have the most up to date technologies, materials, and designs in their homes, offices and communities. This forward thinking allows Shoma to best utilize new ways to design and execute on big ideas. Ultimately, improving the experience with every new project.


• Winner of America’s Top Builder’s Award

• Winner of South Florida Best Builders

• Award FACA Best Entrance Nautica

• Certificate of Recognition and Excellence for The Betterment of Doral on City Place